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Highlights Magnesium and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic: is there a role for magnesium? Hypotheses and perspectives


  1. Prof. Michael Shechter

    I read with great interest your very provocative and interesting article.
    There are some papers from my group which could potentially support your article.
    Some demonstrate the clinical importance of magnesium supplementation in improving endothelial function (see my manuscript published in Circulation) and some demonstrate the importance of magnesium in platelet function and the build up of platelets-dependent thrombosis (published in AJC, AHJ and Mag Res).

    Also the connection of endothelial function and platelet function and review of the endothelial function (Circulation).

    Best personal regards

    Michael Shechter

    Asssessment of Endothelial function from research into clinical practice Circulation 2012

  2. Mary Jean Netario Cruz

    In the Philippines we have FDA Registered Certified Notified Product MouthCare ORATEQUE and DrMAGGIE we are using for prophylaxis and prevention for COVID 19.

    I need to collab with SDRM Members who are interested to help me write the research from proposal to writing to formalize the data and publish the result. We have the product and the protocol and would like to work in collab with SDRM since I feel safe under our organization.

    COVID-19 DrMaggie Initiative Primerv.4

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